Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Your life may be busier than ever right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to prepare a special surprise for your mother (or a mother-figure in your life). For most of us, Mother’s Day usually means searching for a gift and scribbling in a mass-produced card. This time, go above and beyond and do something a little different than last year. It may be a hassle. It may take some thought. So below are ideas to help the special women in your life feel appreciated this Mother’s Day.

Last year- Gave flowers.
This year- Leave a flower in each room of the house.

Last year- Gave gift card to favorite store.
This year- Take her to her favorite store and shop with her.

Last year- Bought perfume/gift.
This year- Create a photo album of memories.

Last year- Went out to dinner.
This year- Surprise her with a home-cooked dinner (and make sure to leave the kitchen spotless when you’re done).

Last year- Framed an old photo of the family.
This year- Reenact an old baby photo as adults and frame it.

Last year- Drove to a destination.
This year- Fill up her tank of gas before and drive her to her destination. You can also write a song and sing it to her (don’t worry if you can’t sing), it’s the thought that counts.

Last year- Cleaned a room of the house.
This year- Clean the whole house and leave a note in each room with a memory of you and your mother that you will always remember.

Last year- Watched a movie together.
This year- Watch a movie together, but mute it and create your own dialogue. Or, make it in to a family movie night with a special snack, meal, or activity.

Last year- Allowed mom to have her “alone time.”
This year- Schedule an appointment at a local spa. Don’t let high prices intimidate you if you can’t afford it. Get together with a few friends and see if you can negotiate a package deal for the group, or go for a basic treatment (such as a manicure or pedicure, which can cost as little as $25).

Last year- Gave gifts.
This year- Give time.

Written by: Nada Elhertani, Project Manager, Child and Family Learning Network