What’s in a Name?

The Families and Child Well-Being Learning Network made its debut at the National eXtension Conference in late March of this year.  As our Learning Network continued to grow—and spark the interest of others—the Executive Team realized something pretty important: our name was a mouthful!

The Name-Change Process

After consideration from our Executive Team, we polled our partnering Communities of Practice for input using a Qualtrics-housed survey.  Thus, the CHILD AND FAMILY LEARNING NETWORK (CFLN) name was coined.

Our name is new, but our mission and vision remain the same.  We strive to provide high quality, practical, online educational resources and learning opportunities via eXtension to children, families, and communities, as well as to the professionals who support them.  Through integrated efforts within the field of Family and Consumer Sciences and through the larger Extension system, we work to address, promote, and advocate timely research that directly impacts today’s children and families while building a sense of community among Extension and FCS professionals and partners.

Instead of filling your mouth with our former title, the Child and Family Learning Network wants to fill your life and home with research-based information that makes your job as a parent, caregiver, provider, supporter, [insert role here] easier.  We care about you, your family, and community, and we hope to provide you with information and resources that will enhance your life and well-being.