Wellness in the Workplace

Due to rising health care costs, today’s employers are looking for ways to encourage wellness among their employees. At the same time, many employees are increasingly interested in their personal and family wellness. Regardless of the motivation, the time is right to approach employers and their employees about improving the state of wellness in their organization.

Wellness champions and CEO’s are joining together to lead Wellness Committees in an effort to determine the organizational topics of concern. From that point discussions can begin about how to start up a wellness program for employees. In-service and training time may be used to deliver informational programs on a targets wellness issue.

Nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyle tend to be the most popular topics. Employers are making changes in vending machine selections (reducing sugar-sweetened beverages and encouraging consumption of water), cafeteria menu options (limiting high-fat, high-sodium foods and replacing them with healthier choices), and encouraging increased physical activity on and off the job. Employers are suggesting on-site walking paths, encouraging participation in local walking events, and collaborating with local fitness centers for reduced cost employee membership.

Wellness lunch and learn sessions provide on-site information and opportunities for employees to interact with local Extension wellness professionals. Many employees want wellness information via weekly email messages and online newsletters. The key is to keep information and motivation flowing to employees to maintain their interest. Employees are interested in learning and Extension educators are available to meet the need.

Joanne Kinsey, Extension Educator, Rutgers Cooperative Extension in NJ

Who are We? Financial Security for All Community of Practice

The Who are We? blog post series will showcase each of the five Communities of Practice within the Child and Family Learning Network.

As one of the five Communities of Practice that make up the eXtension.org Child and Family Learning Network, the Financial Security for All Community of Practice (FSFA CoP) is a community of Cooperative Extension family economics professionals who provide research-based information about personal finance topics to help people manage their money successfully and improve their lives.

We engage and empower people to become capable to earn, save and invest, protect, spend, and borrow to build financial well-being across the life span. Sounds good, but what does that mean?

It means that we help people:

  • Spend less than earnings
  • Plan for tomorrow while keeping pace with day-to-day needs
  • Save and invest regularly
  • Protect financial identity
  • Understand health insurance
  • Avoid excess debt
  • Improve credit worthiness

Connect with us! We provide objective, unbiased information. We will never try to sell you anything.

Learn about our webinars and keep up with us on Twitter @moneyeXtension and on Facebook at MoneyeXtension

Do you have questions about personal finance? ASK personal finance and receive a timely personal response from directly from a skilled educator at one of the Cooperative Extension System’s land-grant universities. If you have questions about health insurance or the effect of the Affordable Care Act on people’s finances, ask us!

Check us out and see for yourself why we are unlike any other search engine or information-based website. Get help solving your real-life financial problems in real time!

Who are We? Families, Food, and Fitness Community of Practice

The Who are We? blog post series will showcase each of the five Communities of Practice within the Child and Family Learning Network.

Are you interested in learning more about making family time active time? Do you want to learn more about creating and enjoying healthy family meals? Are you looking for simple strategies that can help protect the health of your family? Do you have specific wellness questions you would like answered by an expert? It is no surprise that increased rates of obesity and chronic diseases have recently impacted the health of our nation. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes to improve the wellness of your family!

The Families, Food and Fitness Community of Practice gathers experts in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness in an effort to improve the wellness of adults and children across our country. The focus is on user-friendly information to help individuals and families lead healthier lives with good nutrition and physical activity.  Our work is centered around these healthy lifestyle behaviors: (1) Eat More Fruits & Vegetables; (2) Move More Everyday; (3) Prepare & Eat More Meals at Home; (4) Rethink Your Drink; (5) Tame the Tube; and (6) Right Size Your Portions.

Online resources support these behaviors and feature several unique family-friendly interactive tools such as: Tummy Talk, Interactive Beverage Guide to Sugars, Interactive Fast Food Menu with Fitness, Interactive Nutrition Facts Label, Interactive Spice Guide, plus a database of Quick & Healthy Recipes. The Ask an Expert tool is designed to encourage users to seek answers to their questions.

Brief articles and evidence-based resource links make it easy to chart your own path to wellness at http://www.extension.org/families_food_fitness. Visit our website today!